Project 7 - First Person Shooter

8 weeks halftime

Project Seven is a 3D First Person Shooter, following a cleaner singlehandedly protecting her place of work from intruders using an arsenal of weapons ( two to be exact).  

Main contributions:

  • Pitched the game and it's core loops together with the artist André Rondahl.
  • Modelled and textured all of the weapons in the game, a pistol, a shotgun and a submachine gun that unfortunately was cut.
  • Modelled the boss and his vehicle (wheelchair)
  • Helped a bit with some particle effects
  • Made a lot of random props needed for the game such as monitors, computers, magazines, posters, hotdog stand and the ammo box
  • Helped record and edit all voices except Microsoft Sam. 
  • Wrote the intro/ outro as well as a lot of the dialogue.
  • Painted the blood splatters and brain matter.